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Lexington, KY

This award winning custom bathroom is located in a historic downtown Lexington, Ky neighborhood in a beautiful Cape Cod residence. This project received the Judge's award from the Home Builders Association of Kentucky for Best Bathroom Re-Model Design. The design intent was to incorporate and integrate a more functional use for the bathroom while aesthetically making the bathroom more contemporary. The bathroom is divided into two spaces; master bath/spa area and a guest vanity toilet area. This fulfills a functional need for the client, creating a more convenient place for guests to use the restroom. Reeded glass is used to create a partition between the two spaces, maximizing natural light while creating obscured separation between the spaces.  Linear lines define the room within the design making the spaces feel whole and complete. The custom designed cabinetry is frame-less, reducing the amount of visible lines. A custom cabinet also houses a stack-able washer and dryer upon request of our client to further add to the bathrooms operational convenience. Our client wanted to re-create a sense of being near the ocean which has a strong presence in the architecture and decor.

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