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Gibson Taylor Thompson was tasked with designing an elegant yet rustic event space that could seat over 200 guests. The Ashford Acres wedding barn is inspired by the influential movement of barn revitalization and event use  that is occurring throughout the region and central Kentucky. The barn is positioned in a designated location on the grounds at the historic Ashford Acres Inn. The venue is positioned on a true north south axis with the front of the building facing north towards the historic grounds and greek revival estate and the rear facade of the building facing south overlooking the beautiful rolling hills of bluegrass and farmland. 


The building is ultimately distinguished by the scale and detailing of the elevations. It appeals to both the stolid horizontal classical tradition as well as to the Gothic nature of verticality. The elevations, inside and out, consist of vertical and horizontal elements playing to a draw. Ashford Acres Wedding Barn gives references to  high traditions, as well as defining it's own architectural language as a barn. The wedding barn respects the Ashford Acres Inn vernacular  while drawing references to the open framed tobacco barns of Kentucky blended with stick built Gothic cathedrals to deliver a stunning architectural experience. 

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